Temperature monitoring and control

Globspot offers the possibility of remotely monitoring the temperature status of your cargo in real time with readings directly from your thermograph (Thermo King, Transcan, Euroscan, Carrier, Apache, Osaka…), and receiving all kinds of alerts and reports configurable.

Included services

  • Get the temperature in real time

  • Visualize the daily temperature in intuitive graphs

  • Up to 4 sensors emitting temperature at the same time

  • One year history with all temperatures recorded

Featured Benefits

  • Check that the cold chain is not broken

  • Receive alerts when the temperature threshold is not in accordance with the configured

  • Export charts to add to reports

  • Certify your Temperature solution with Globspot

Adaptability to sensors

GLOBSPOT control devices for temperatures allow the connection of all types of sensors or optional peripherals according to customer requirements through their digital and analog inputs or outputs.

Example of sensors: (immobilization, humidity, doors, movements, volumetric, cameras…)

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