Manage your fleet of VTC vehicles

Improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce delays for your fleet

Gestiona tu flota de vehículos VTC

Mejora la seguridad, aumenta la eficiencia y reduce los retrasos de tu flota.


Fleet management for VTC companies

It guarantees that passengers will arrive at their destination smoothly and on time. Plus, use real-time data to monitor the hours your drivers work and their remaining driving times.

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connected vehicles
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Real-time fleet tracking

View live fleet location, traffic conditions, and distance from pickup locations to destination. Anticipate late arrivals and proactively inform passengers of delays.

Take care of compliance with regulations

Know information of interest to supervise the behavior of your drivers and guarantee that with them the passengers are safe on the road.

Resource Optimization

Know at all times where your fleet is. And control maintenance and fuel costs.

Reduction of delays in passenger transport

Use our tracking system to inform the passenger with accurate estimated arrival times. In addition, our driver terminals provide drivers with alternative routes to avoid traffic and safely reach their destinations, as soon as possible.

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Increase the efficiency of your fleet

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