Manage your transport and logistics fleet

Comply with regulations, increase the efficiency of your resources and reduce time

Gestiona tu flota de transporte y logística

Cumple las regulaciones, aumenta la eficiencia de tus recursos y reduce los tiempos.


Management of transport and logistics fleets

Efficiently manage and control everything that happens in your fleet of cranes, be the fastest to go to your customers, reduce costs, control the way operators drive and stand out from the competition.

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Real time location

With the Globspot GPS Location platform you can control the location of your fleet in real time, controlling the stops, km, routes, stops, speed, idling, driving style and maintenance to be carried out, among many other features.

Maintenance management

Manage maintenance (ITV, oil, tires, belt, renting, insurance...) automatically with our platform.

Optimize the routes

Take into account the traffic information to guarantee the best route. Thanks to this information, optimal routes can be created for all vehicles. Avoid dangerous or uncomfortable areas for vehicles, such as construction sites.

Ensures the safety of the fleet

Get your stolen units back with the Globspot Tracker. Activate its frequency remotely when needed, or adjust it to get its location in real time.

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Download digital data remotely for easy compliance.

Compliance Solution

A complete set of tools to manage compliance with driving hours regulations related to tachograph services, which will help to minimize the workload.

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