Manage your fleet of commercial vehicles

Reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Gestiona tu flota de vehículos comerciales

Optimiza los costes, aumenta la eficiencia de tus recursos y reduce los tiempos.


GPS locator for commercial fleets

Your team can track mileage for private and business trips easily with one Interface.

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Real-time location

Globspot gives you real-time visibility so you can track the productivity of your service and sales teams.

Maintenance management

Manage maintenance (ITV, oil, tires, belt, renting, insurance...) automatically with our platform.

Get to your appointments with clients on time

Our professional navigation fleet management solution helps your team avoid traffic jams and congested areas, thanks to a complex network of real-time traffic data and advanced algorithms.

Ensures the safety of the fleet

Get your stolen units back with the Globspot Tracker. Activate its frequency remotely when needed, or adjust it to get its location in real time.

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Control your fleet easily and safely

Help your employees improve their driving performance

A responsible driving style helps save on fuel, maintenance and insurance; which allows to reduce the total cost of ownership of the vehicle.

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