Cargo safety and integrity

We are experts in improving processes related to vehicle, cargo and driver safety.

Included services

  • Integration with closures, vehicle alarms, etc.

  • Vehicle start inhibitor.

  • Integration of vehicle alarms.

  • Receive alerts when unauthorized use occurs

Featured Benefits

  • Secure your work tools

  • Certifies that the transport process is carried out correctly

  • Supervise all the processes in which your cargo is involved

  • Know in real time the location and status of your load

Prevent fuel theft

Thanks to a GPS car tracking system you can also monitor fuel theft. Fleets often experience fuel theft even when vehicles are parked, with some approaching vehicles to empty tanks with hoses.

Fraud with fuel cards is also common, but with this system it is history. Thus, you can check if the car was at the pump where the card was used or if the liters of fuel that fit at the time of refueling have been exceeded.

Improve cargo security

Cargo vehicles are easy targets for thieves. The global supply chain depends on all cargo-carrying vehicles being safe. To achieve this, Globspot uses GPS location systems. This type of system allows us to know all kinds of load data. Thanks to this technology, we not only know where the loads are at all times. We can also know where they are going and how fast.

In addition, we can know if the load has been manipulated or not. We can even know the conditions in which it is found. All these aspects allow to guarantee the security of the load.

Real-time notifications

We can know if a vehicle delivered its cargo. If the cargo is not in the vehicle, we can know in real time if it has been delivered to the recipient or not. If this is not the case, we will know to notify the authorities. When that is the case, the GPS tracking system will provide us with a lot of useful information. We will know the route taken by the vehicle that transports it. We will also know if the driver made stops, both planned and unplanned. In this way, the authorities will carry out their job of locating the cargo more easily.

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