Route optimization

Optimizing the routes of the vehicles in our fleet is no longer something of the future. It is an activity that we must undertake to ensure the success of the company. Fleet managers can take advantage of fleet tracking software and telematics systems that allow them to know much more than the position of a vehicle. Now, with a single glance, the fleet manager as well as the driver can know where the vehicle is going, its speed, the wear of some key parts, the behavior of the driver…etc.

Thanks to this information, optimal routes can be created for all vehicles. These routes are characterized by not always being the shortest, but rather the most efficient. For example, avoiding dangerous or uncomfortable areas for vehicles, such as construction sites, is a saving, even if the route takes a few minutes longer. 

Included services

  • Get the shortest ride

  • See which of your vehicles will take less time to reach a point

  • Add the traffic layer to monitor your journey

  • Calculate the time and distance between a vehicle and a given point

Featured Benefits

  • Save on fuel consumption by selecting the most efficient route

  • Accurately calculate delivery times

  • Optimize the use of each vehicle

  • Provide faster service to your customers

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