GPS location Rental fleets

Analyze the data and increase billing quickly and efficiently.

Gestiona tu flota de vehículos de alquiler

Analiza los datos e incrementa la facturación de tu empresa.


VTC fleet GPS management

The Globspot GPS location platform for VTC fleets is designed with an open structure, fully scalable and with the possibility of all kinds of custom developments in case of greater needs.

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Fleet tracking in real time

Control speeds based on the road, stops, passing points, driving style, acceleration, engine temperature, maintenance (tyres, oil, belt, battery status...) and receive all kinds of alerts to avoid problems and Reduce costs.

Maintenance management

Manage maintenance (ITV, oil, tires, belt, renting, insurance...) automatically with our platform.

Control the speed

It will mean fuel savings in addition to increasing the useful life of the vehicles. Putting eco-driving techniques into practice helps us save, avoids fines, takes care of the fleet and the environment.

Fleet management

Access the application from any device connected to the Internet such as mobile, tablet or PC. So you can know the status of your units from anywhere, at any time and with a single glance.

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Check the status of the vehicles from the same

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