Fuel control and monitoring

Fuel costs can constitute up to 50% of the total expenses of a transport company, for this reason it is a perfect solution for all fleet companies seeking to reduce costs and increase the profitability of their units. In addition to controlling consumption, and according to the capabilities of the hardware, it also reports the fuel that was spent idling, that is, when the unit is stopped.

Included services

  • Average and total consumption
  • Refueling carried out
  • Subtraction control
  • Average travel speeds

Featured Benefits

  • Immediate fuel savings

  • Elimination of downtime and unnecessary stops

  • Reduced idle time

  • Optimizing the use of each vehicle to reduce consumption and improve performance

Why does a GPS car locator help save fuel?

Although it may seem that a locator merely serves to know where a vehicle is, it is much more than that. Through this technology the fleet manager gains many more functionalities.

Idle time monitoring

Keeping the engine idling is one of the causes that consumes the most fuel within companies with a fleet or fleet of vehicles.

This time in which the vehicle is started causes a constant consumption of gasoline and is also usually a repeated act throughout the working day.

Speed ​​control

Any driving manual tells us that maintaining a constant speed, without exceeding the limits, saves us fuel. Putting eco-driving techniques into practice helps us save money, avoids fines, takes care of the vehicle and the environment. In addition, monitoring the good practices of drivers can help reward those who do it best, thus favoring extra motivation at work.

Avoid unauthorized uses

Using a GPS system helps you prevent unauthorized use of company vehicles. This means not only fuel savings, but also that any type of accident or fine can happen during these unauthorized trips, something that also affects the company’s economy.

Prevent fuel theft

Thanks to a GPS car tracking system you can also monitor fuel theft. Fleets often experience fuel theft even when vehicles are parked, with some approaching vehicles to empty tanks with hoses.

Fraud with fuel cards is also common, but with this system it is history. Thus, you can check if the car was at the pump where the card was used or if the liters of fuel that fit at the time of refueling have been exceeded.

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