GPS location Crane assistance

Optimally manage your fleet and control everything that happens in real time.

Localización GPS Grúas asistencia

Gestione de forma óptima su flota y controle todo lo que ocurre en tiempo real.


GPS locator for cranes

Efficiently manage and control everything that happens in your fleet of cranes, be the fastest to go to your customers, reduce costs, control the way operators drive and stand out from the competition.

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Real-time location

With the Globspot GPS Tracking platform you can control the location of your crane fleet in real time, controlling the stops, km, routes, stops, speed, idling, driving style and maintenance to be carried out, among many other features.

Maintenance management

Manage maintenance (ITV, oil, tires, belt, renting, insurance...) automatically with our platform.

Improve response time

Globspot gives you full control of your entire tow truck fleet. Take into account traffic information to ensure you get the right person to the right place as quickly as possible, thus improving response time.

Ensures the safety of the fleet

Get your stolen units back with the Globspot Tracker. Activate its frequency remotely when needed, or adjust it to get its location in real time.

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Control your fleet easily and safely

Faster response to incidents

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