GPS Tracker for Healthcare Fleets

Optimize the activity of your healthcare fleet

Localizador GPS para Flotas de asistencia sanitaria

Optimiza la actividad de tu flota de asistencia sanitaria


Manage the activity of your healthcare fleet

Globspot fleet management solution helps you provide proof of attendance, reduce costs and identify areas where workflow could be improved.

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Fleet tracking in real time

See live fleet location, traffic conditions, and distance from pickup locations to downtown. Anticipate late arrivals and proactively inform passengers of delays.

Improve customer experience

Make it easy for drivers with an all-in-one driver app.

Resource Optimization

Know at all times where your staff is. When you receive an emergency call, you can assign it to healthcare workers who can get there faster, improving efficiency and responsiveness.

Fleet management

Access the application from any device connected to the Internet such as mobile, tablet or PC. So you can know the status of your units from anywhere, at any time and with a single glance.

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Increase the efficiency of your healthcare fleet

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