GPS location system to control your business wherever you are

Learn about our comprehensive fleet management system that provides you with detailed data on the activity, performance, consumption and fuel costs of your vehicles to allow you to control and optimize routes, assets and personnel, through trends and reports that simplify the decision making.


Monitor each KM easily and safely

You can check the distance, average speed and fuel consumption of each route, in addition to viewing the daily route. Have control at all times of what happens with your vehicles.


Adapt the application to your needs

Customize alerts and software features. Decide what you want to receive in your mail or cell phone and who should be informed in turn. This way you will know the moment in which any incident occurs without the need to intervene.

Increase productivity of your business

Globspot allows you to plan the shortest routes, avoid traffic jams and identify the closest vehicle to the point you need to go. Optimize the routes of your vehicles and avoid downtime.

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They already trust us

Giving a service adapted to the needs of our clients is our most important value, regardless of the size of your business.


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App available on all platforms

Access the application from any device connected to the Internet such as mobile, tablet or PC. So you can know the status of your units from anywhere and at any time.